Yeeah, I made an other palette :)!
spacetimeconundrum Nyssa in palette #13 ;)


Yeeah, I made an other palette :)!

spacetimeconundrum Nyssa in palette #13 ;)

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Sentence Starters { Protective Version }


  • "Watch out!"
  • "You could have been killed!"
  • "Run! Hurry up, go!"
  • "Save yourself, I’ll hold them back."
  • "Leave me here! Go! Hurry! I can handle it."
  • "I promise I’ll make sure they don’t hurt you."
  • "They better not have laid a damn finger on you or I’ll [insert threat]."
  • "I swear, if they so much as breathe next to you, I’ll knock them out.”
  • "I’m not leaving you here!"
  • "And let you get yourself killed?"
  • "Are you crazy?"
  • "Are you hurt anywhere?"
  • "I don’t trust him/her. They seem off."
  • "I’m saying this for your own good!"
  • "Don’t worry. I’ll protect you."
  • "I don’t want to lose you! You’re all I have left!"
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Look at this.  Look at this.

Here’s Nyssa, everyone’s fave little Trakenite princess/scientist/all-‘round sweetie.  She’s not just Nyssa, in fact; here, she’s Lady Nyssa, because she’s part of the nobility of Traken.

She’s not always as sweet and meek as some would have you believe, and we learned it here before we’d seen her occasionally wield weapons or lose her temper or any of that.

Nyssa’s from a family that’s important in the Traken Union.  She’s been raised around power.  She knows how it works.  She knows what a few words or a little extra money can do.  She knows how to handle people, and she knows about control of herself and others.

She could have been someone to fear, could have possibly done some real damage to the universe.  She could have let the evil she encountered, the evil that touched her, turn her into something as dark as itself.  Instead, thanks to her own good heart and her travels with the Doctor, her knowledge of that evil made her stronger, better.  It made her pretty damn selfless.

When you’re tempted to compare companions, tempted to refer to a certain branch of them as “brainless screamers,” do not include Nyssa in that branch.  She belongs right up there with the strongest, bravest, brightest companions.

Fear for what she could have become, and then marvel at what she did with all the power that was contained in her.

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((omg i had totally forgotten you are the same mun whoooops *disappears into the night*

I am everyone

I am every character you’ve ever RPed with

I am all people

ok not true but I am quite a  few people

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Just because I’m on another account doesn’t make this less RUDE omg

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Fivey in Time-Flight Appreciation Post

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Companion post 1: Mark

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200 starters you can use


just a bunch of random starters from various sources (my spotify playlists, books, random commentary, tv shows and such). more under the cut!

  • ❝You swore that you would always love me.❞
  • ❝I was a fool to ever love you.
  • ❝There’s always a chance that at the next corner you turn, you’ll change your life.❞
  • ❝Hush! He’s/She’s asleep.❞
  • ❝Do you want to build a snowman?❞
  • ❝That’s not my name.❞
  • ❝I was blessed with beauty & rage.❞
  • ❝It’s all for you. Everything I do.❞
  • ❝There is no such thing as Hell. The world we live in is hell enough.❞
  • ❝What the fuck?❞
  • ❝I mean for seventy to eighty-five minutes.❞
  • ❝Oh hell.❞
  • ❝Let’s go party on the rooftop, underneath the sky.❞
  • ❝This is the hour, I swore I’d see.❞
  • ❝I still believe.❞
  • ❝We can send a hazmat team to get your things.❞
  • ❝Why me? What’s your plan?❞
  • ❝I can’t help her/him! No one can!❞
  • ❝Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?❞
  • ❝I’m not here as a friend, I have a job to do.❞
  • ❝I hear your voice in the darkness, but the words aren’t yours.❞
  • ❝Do you trust me?❞
  • ❝Oh… just you?❞
  • ❝Where are your visions now?❞
  • ❝Get out of my way.❞
  • ❝Gather your belongings. And hurry.❞
  • ❝You will not touch him!❞
  • ❝If you want the reason, I will show you now.❞
  • ❝You learn to live without.❞
  • ❝I’m not looking for anyone. I just completed protracted legal process to extricate myself from someone.❞
  • ❝They are not nice, they’re mostly noise.❞
  • ❝They swear like men, they screw like boys.❞
  • ❝It feels like a faithful day, doesn’t it?❞
  • ❝A scene I can’t erase.❞
  • ❝Hi? … Bye?❞
  • ❝But all that I’ve been through, can’t make my dream come true.❞
  • ❝A dream I long to find.❞
  • ❝I will not cry, I will not think.❞
  • ❝If they hurt me, I’ll just close my eyes and see the movie in my mind.❞
  • ❝They kill like men, they die like boys.❞

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"My skin has turned from porcelain, to ivory, to steel."
- George R. R. Martin (via floralnymph)
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Some Cute Sentence Starters

"I'm sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes"
"You're beautiful, you know that?"
"If I could, I would kiss away all your scars"
"You're all I've ever wanted"
"I think I might be falling in love with you"
"Everything about you can be described in one word. Perfect"
"My life would be so boring if you weren't in it"
"I have something to say. Three words, eight letters. I...got food."
"Your lips look so soft. I could kiss them all day long"
"We should get a puppy!"
"We should get a kitten"
"He/She is nothing compared to you"
"I need to choose a pet name for you. Any ideas?"
"I hate seeing you unhappy so now I'm going to do everything I can to cheer you up. Even if it means making a fool of myself"
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partingoodfaith: "So… tea?"

Nyssa blinked in shock at the younger woman staring at her, clutching her clipboard closer to her chest. She had met her own doppelganger before, Ann, years ago, and that had been very strange. But this..well, this wasn’t just a doppelganger. This was her. She was staring at a younger version of herself, or so it seemed. She wasn’t entirely sure, as they hadn’t blown up yet.

"At the very least,” she murmured when she was able to find her voice at last. She had plenty of questions to fill the time having a cup of tea.

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Scream of the Shalka sentence starters


  • "Something’s moving! Underneath the ground!"
  • "I don’t want to be here!"
  • "I won’t do it!"
  • "Where is everybody?"
  • "You gonna take me away from all this?"
  • "I haven’t seen you around here."
  • "You’re the first human being I’ve seen on the street tonight and I was hoping for some assistance."
  • "Hang on to something."
  • "Around the corner, a lovely old lady has just died."
  • "Somehow, nobody in Britain has noticed."
  • "You’re pussyfooting around, walking on eggshells."
  • "Everything here is normal."
  • "I give you my word, this end’s tonight."
  • "They’re obviously bioplasmic creatures."
  • "Resist them, surprise them, and possibly perform a few show tunes."
  • "You’re not human."
  • "What are you?"
  • "So… this is goodbye."
  • "Haven’t I done enough here?"
  • "They’re going to be fine."
  • "Dear sir and/or madam, say something."
  • "Do I take it you wish to board the TARDIS by force?"
  • "Empty vessels make the most noise."
  • "Dear me, how tiresome."
  • "Go and find someone else to play your filthy games with."
  • "You get to be superior and eccentric."
  • "I’m here under duress."
  • "Don’t you ever offer me a gun again."
  • "I’m not gonna let you control me."
  • "I’m sorry. I hope I don’t taste of boot polish."
  • "Every day presents a new challenge to one’s dignity."
  • "Leave a message at the beep and we’ll try to get back to you before you called."
  • "We really should change that message."
  • "I’m trying to get there, you fool."
  • "It’s been lovely but I must be going."
  • "I only come to this planet for the wine and the total eclipses."
  • "I’m not human and I don’t care. I’ll just get out of your way."
  • "I’ll do whatever you want just don’t hurt her!"
  • "Tell me that you haven’t done something foolish. Again."
  • "It was hardly worth your humiliation."
  • "I should have let you die!"
  • "This is not my fault!"
  • "Where did you get that wound?"
  • "Leave him alone!"
  • "My plan worked perfectly."
  • "The Doctor! They killed the Doctor!"
  • "I’m terribly sorry but I’m afraid that I’m about to die."
  • "This is not how I want to spend my last few remaining seconds."
  • "And this… is a black hole. BYE!"
  • "Have you saved the day?"
  • "We leave the girl behind."
  • "I can’t do this anymore."
  • "Oh no. I was hoping you got crushed under an avalanche."
  • "Don’t bully the monster."
  • "I’m just popping out to do something eccentric."
  • "I could sue him for that. If I could get a lawyer to believe it."
  • "Go away, there’s nothing here!"
  • "Go on. Save the world."
  • "Hard to clear you mind of all it’s baggage in five minutes but, there."
  • "This is me being deadly serious."
  • "I need you in a very practical way."
  • "Tell me honestly. Am I irritating you yet?"
  • "I think, therefore I win."
  • "I have a tradition of getting in the way."
  • "I am going to be okay, aren’t I?"
  • "I wouldn’t risk losing you. You know that."
  • "So… tea?"
  • "Do you plan to stay long enough to explore?"
  • "I am by no means fond of you."
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notice how he tries to hide Adric with his hat


notice how he tries to hide Adric with his hat

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Illness themed RP starters!

"When is the last time you ate?"
"Let me get you a glass of water."
"You can lay down in my bed if you need to."
"Don't cry, you're going to be fine."
"You're safe, I've got you."
"You're fever's too high, you're delirious."
"Sleep it off."
"Can I get you anything?"
"Here, vomit in this."
"You've been out for days. I was worried you were dead."
"When is the last time you slept?"
"How bad does your stomach hurt?"
"How long have you had that cough?"
"Hold on. You're too sick to go anywhere."
"I'll get you a blanket, you're going to be here for a while."
"Let's go home, you're too sick."
"I can do that, just go back to bed."
"Maybe you should go to the doctor."
"Come on, at least sleep in a bed."
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Title: Excerpt: Demons of Red Lodge
Artist:Big Finish
Played: 80 times


…clip from Demons of Red Lodge.

thanks for reminding me to listen to this one again, fifthx; I enjoyed it much more on the second listen, for some reason.

(ETA: I was originally rather disturbed by Nyssa’s solution to their problem at the end of Part One, although it was self-defense.) 

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